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Interactive Knowledge Based Learning

Follow our "solve the problem" method of getting to the heart of serving veterans by exceling at the VA lending Craft 

The Road Less Traveled isn't always easy, Yes you will need to pay attention and slow down a bit to make sure you don't miss critical class info if you expect to pass our tests and wear the VMA Logos! 

The "Veteran Mortgage Advisor"


A High Level VA lender training Course and Community that stands for these Core Values :

A VMA is  Knowledgeable

A VMA is dedicated to Service before self

A VMA believes in Education

A VMA believes in Informed choice 


Veteran Lending Council

A Community of professionals dedicated to raising the bar in the Lending industry for Americas Veterans and Active Duty Military 


Make a True Commitment

Veterans Deserve More than Just Lip Service when it comes to financing their homes 

All The Tools You Need To Specialize In Military Lending 

✅ Guidelines

✅ Solving Tough Scenarios

✅ High Level Branding

✅ Marketing Basics and Secrets

✅ Community of Champions

✅ Leaders that Practice what the preach

✅ Lifelong Valuable Friendships and Relationships

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